How To Utilize Your Office Space

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When you're working with your at-home office space, regardless of scale, the best way to utilize your space is to prioritize the things you want to see in your room. The objects that you see every day in your office should be the things that inspire productivity. The very obvious, and basic choices are these:

  1. Organized and spacious desk

  2. Comfortable chair

  3. Computer

  4. Alternate seating

  5. Keep your walls neutral

  6. Stay near windows

These are just a few of the many ways to stay productive in your office. When you keep your desk organized you spend less time searching for documents and folders which keeps your stress levels down. All the while, sitting on a comfortable chair allows you to work longer and more efficiently without having to take a break to stretch. While most of us have Desktop computers or Laptops that we work with, allow your space to have alternate seating away from your normal workspace. Take the time to relax or use this space for in-house meetings.

Finally, it's important to be aware of your surroundings. Blue has been said to have the most productive of all the colors, but make sure to keep your walls neutral. This lowers the amounts of distraction, but also as a Design aspect, it allows for a change of style during different seasons. If at all possible, try to make sure that your office has at least one, well-accessed window. Daylight can lift our spirits, as well as grant us plenty of health benefits!

If at all possible, use all these tips to create your own happy and healthy work environment at home. We incorporated these tips in our Leighfield Home Office and we couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. Check out our Collection here.

419 Leighfield Ln-35.jpg