Easy Photo Wall (How To)

As we finished up the final touches to our Design Space, we knew that there was something that we desperately needed on one of our blank walls. Most of the others were filled with sample boards of siding, tiles, soft carpets, and even some appliance options. As beautiful as they are in a home, we needed something that rounded out this space completely. 

When we were brain storming on how this office was going to feel, we wanted to stray away from the typical commercial feel. We wanted it to feel warm, welcoming, and most of all, we wanted a place that we could bring our clients to and have them feel like their dreams are about to come true. By the end, we had one wall left that was bare, and we decided to call this our "Wall of Fame." 



As you can see, it wasn't much to look at, but we saw a whole lot of potential. Our goal was to create a photo wall that show cased all the homes that we had worked on over the years, and so when a client comes in, they can see what we're all about. We make sure that we are proud of everything that we work on, so this was going to be something spectacular. With this goal, we sent our Design Assistant off to get the photo wall prepped. We had her document the process to share with all of you!

STEP ONE: Picture frames and more Picture Frames

Hobby Lobby is going to be your best friend when you are trying to decide what you want to use when creating your Photo wall. Whether it's 5 frames, 12, or 20 pieces like ours, you want to make sure that you get more than you need. (But keep the tags on them) We like to call our office "Shabby Chic." So we made sure to stick to that style, and buy distressed wood frames, black frames, and then accessories for the remaining space. Get all different sizes, and don't be afraid to take a risk and buy something unique as your center piece.


STEP TWO: Picture Perfect

So once you have all of your frames, go ahead and lay them out on the floor, or a cleared off table. Make yourself comfortable however you can, because the serious decisions are about to be made! If you are tech savvy like our Design Assistant, there is a second way of doing this. However, we will explain option #1 first. When you have all your frames and accessories chosen, start with what will go in the middle. We went with a darling sign that is both neutral in color, but stays with our "house" theme. Build around the center piece, and don't worry about being symmetrical, the only concern should be balance. If you put a larger frame on the right of the center, make sure to put somewhere on the left, a similar sized frame. Don't worry about adding your pictures just yet, but work on the flow and movement of your frames.


STEP THREE: Where the Magic begins

Now, we assume that you have played around with your frames, taken some away, added new ones, or even made another trip back to Hobby Lobby. This is where everything starts to come together. Like the picture frames, we suggest that you also start with more pictures than you will need to use. This gives you a while bunch of options to see what goes well together. So this is a trick that will save you time. With a printer, you can print the pictures you wish to use in a simple 4x6 size. Cut them out and begin placing them on the frame glass, without actually putting them inside. We promise, this is going to save you a whole lot of time. When are satisfied with your selections, go ahead and write the actual dimensions of the frame on the back of the pictures for reference later when professionally printing them. We suggest FedEx Printing services which can be done easily online.

This is how your finished draft should look like!

This is how your finished draft should look like!

STEP FOUR: The finer details

The hard part is really getting your frames and accessories up on the wall. Or knowing just exactly how they will fit from your table to the wall. Like we mentioned, there is a nice trick that you can do if you are doing a bigger project like ours. Of the frames we choose, our Assistant took a picture of each of the frames with the photo that we wanted to use. She uploaded them onto her computer, took a picture of the blank wall, and then copied them into the space to play with the dimensions. It's just a quick way of double checking that you love the composition, before getting out the nails and hammer.

           Use Google slides or Photoshop

           Use Google slides or Photoshop

STEP FIVE: Grand Finale

So at the end of the journey to create our "Wall of Fame," we used our Reference sheet to begin tacking up the frames. The best thing to remember is that if you don't like something, you can take the nail out and replace it, or simply hang something different. It is the pictures that we put up that make the wall, rather than the frames, so don't make this a chore, but rather an experience. Whether your job is big or small, we knew we wanted to show off our clients dreams come true. 

If this has inspired you to go and make your own Wall of Fame, send us a picture of it on our Facebook! Our best tip is just to have fun with it, and showcase your best memories!