Meet the Team:

Remodel: If you have a remodel project we will come to your home to view your project. Our next meeting will be at our design center to review your quote, purposed layouts, and design inspiration boards.

New Construction: If you are interested a new construction project you will join us at our design center located at 5377 Lauby Rd, Suite 100, North Canton, Oh 44720. We will discuss your goals for your home, plan design, lot size, and desired location.


Financing is your first step to help your builder guide you through your options for lot pricing, plan square footage, and custom finishes for your home.

Talk with one of our loan officers that specialize in construction loans to get pre-approved.

Lot Selection:

We have partnered with a local real estate team to make your lot selection process easier. Your selected land choice will determine the width and length of your house plan. Our professionals will test the lot to confirm your soil conditions are suitable for building: Perc Test for Septic, Well Condition Assessment, Foundation Test Holes, Pull Any Necessary Restrictions or Requirements That Could Effect Your Budget.

Real Estate Agent Contact Info:

Dominic Fonte and Associates

Megan Phillips

Cutler Real Estate



Design your Home:

Our plans are professionally designed to include every detail that you want incorporated into your new home. We do the research to help you find your style, the perfect floor plan, and functionality for your family. We have 10 years of experience in design, new construction, and remodeling on our team.


Deciding on the features and materials for your home allows us to ensure you have an accurate price for your dream house.

Exterior Elements:
- Siding, brick, stone, or stucco options. Window and door colors, lighting, and patio and porch design.

Interior Elements:  
- Flooring, lighting, trim color or stain, doors and hardware,, cabinets colors, countertops, and hardware, wood accent colors, paint colors, ceiling design, and custom elements bathroom vanities, faucets, showers and bathtubs, tile, and closet elements.

Sign Contract:

Once plan design, general selections, and pricing is complete we will do a final review to verify if any adjustments need to be made.

Make Loan Application:

We will send the contract and final plans to the lender and you will provide any documents requested by the lender for loan approval.


The bank will perform an appraisal based on your plan design, amenities, and land selection and furnish you and the bank with the value of your purposed new home.


Once we have received the clear to close, that is typically 30-45 from submission, you will sign your loan documents and close your loan. Your construction process begins with in 2 to 3 weeks.



Construction Meetings

You will have a designated walk through schedule with the builder or project manager throughout the process.  This is to allow full communication between all parties involved which is the key to a successful building process.  

You will also have a general outline of design meetings for your specific project. Since, design is a creative process and every clients home and design needs are different we will establish a customized plan for you.

Moving In:

Your final stage is a final walk through with the builder or project manager for any final touch ups and a punch out list.  At this time we will also go over your 1 year Home Builder Warranty and any other concerns.  You then will have a scheduled date to move in and your home is complete.

*Timelines are approximate and to be used as a flexible guideline. Weekly updates and pictures are sent out via email to keep you in the know on what's scheduled for your project. We use multiple ways to keep in contact with you throughout the building process. We are truly here for you every step of the way!

Contact us Today to get started on designing your dream home.