Decorating for the Summer

It's something that we all come across from season to season. Maybe some of us are still putting away the Christmas decorations from December. Hopefully, most of us still just have some hidden eggs here or there from Easter. Either way, summer has hit and now we can finally prepare for the all the cookouts and barbecues that bring friends and family over to the house. We know that often times, there is just one style throughout the house, and most years it never changes, but what what if there were a few tips and tricks to help you get out of that design-funk and into a whole new world of creative design? 


“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of the guests” –Charles Eames

The first thing that needs to said is that decorating for summer doesn't necessarily mean finding toy boats, life saver rings, or fish nets. That is all great and creative for a harbor cafe in Miami, but for most, this is a "Ditch that Design" moment. If you still aren't convinced that the Fishing Boat Bathroom style isn't for you, go ahead and decorate with small details of anchors. 

Another great way to decorate your home without having to run and back and forth from Hobby Lobby is to focus on spaces that guests will be at most. Those spaces usually include the dining room table. Focus on the center of the table and then what the table sits on: RUGS! Rugs are something easy to switch out and they can actually flip a space from warm and cozy to light and breezy. Find a rug that suits your pet situation (if you have a black cat or dog, don't get a white rug). A rug with a simple pattern can allow you to match it well with the chairs that you already have. Adding bright, organic colors such as yellow lemons or limes with greenery and soft colors like candles will last your design until fall. Then you can easily change lemons and limes to pumpkins and gourds! 


Lastly, one of our favorite tips, and quite possibly the simplest way to make your home feel summer fresh is to focus on curtains and flowers. During the winter months, it's best to pull out the heavy, thick woven curtains. It warms up the place, and since no windows are opened, they stay pretty still. During May- August, it is lovely to have thin, sheer curtains that flow in the wind as breeze comes through the open screened window. The light curtains also allow for more light to shine through, brightening your spaces. Like mentioned before, adding fresh flowers to every public room in the house can be the quickest fix. Flowers from your garden, your local store, or from the side of the road can make beautiful centerpieces. Throw them in a mason jar, your favorite classic vase, or even an old jug or empty alcohol bottle!



Just for some inspiration, our Design Assistant came up with a fun little Mood board! We definitely have the beach in mind, so we added a rustic, hand rubbed bathroom cabinet into the mix as our inspiration piece. The dark floors contrast nicely with our Fantasy granite countertop and neutral color palette. While we do a lot of hard work for our clients, fun boards like this is what keeps our creativity and drive on an all time high! We hope this sets you all on the right path to decorating your home for the summer!



All of these ideas can be found on our Pinterest for you to follow and create your own perfect design!