It Pays to Refer Your Clients to PH Design!

As experienced builders in Northeast Ohio, we love working with realtors! Refer us to your buyers for a remodel, addition, or new home construction project! We invite you to be as involved in the process as you want. The realtor will be paid 2% on the first draw on the original contract price of the home to be built. This excludes all change orders after the original contract is finalized and signed by client and builder. A signed copy of this contract with the price will be mailed to brokerage with commission check. 

How Can PH Design and Construction Help Realtors Serve Their Clients?

We encourage all of our clients to consider existing homes when considering building. We find it allows them to make an educated choice on value and is now the right timing in their lives for building their dream home. Since we love home remodeling in Canton, Ohio just as much as building, see how we maybe able to help give your client the vision they need to finally move forward on an existing home.

Clients That Are a Good Fit for PH Design

New Construction
  • They have always dreamed of building.
  • They just can’t find a home they love.
  • They are looking to downsize but don't want to have to do any improvements.
  • They have outgrown their current home and don't have time to do any improvements.
  • They want a new/newer home but budget restrictions and construction costs do not make that possible.
  • They found a home with a great yard/area/sq footage but it needs updates, layout changes, etc.
  • They found a home they love but want a finished basement, master bathroom, and/or addition in the future.
  • They have dreamed of being on an HGTV show - we don’t have the cameras but we have the client experience and the results!

From whole house remodels to kitchens, master suites, and basements, our team has the experience you need for your client’s next project. View our gallery of remodels and renovations and contact us today if you would like to partner with PH Design!