Home Office Inspiration: Organized, Efficient, and Creative

November 11, 2020

Right now, approximately 4.7 million Americans are working from home, and more children are learning at home than ever before. Many parents and kids are in close quarters all day, every day. So it’s high priority for everyone to have a functional, comfortable, and stylish home office or school space.

At PH Design, we understand the struggle. So we’ve compiled our best tips and pointers to help you redesign your available space and improve your working- or learning-from-home life, one element at a time.

4 work from home designs, by PH Design, custom home design and construction builders in Canton, Ohio

A Place for Everything

The first step to improving your working or schooling space is to carve out an exclusive spot. If we think about where we normally work or learn, they are typically spaces that have been designed to help us focus and perform. A dedicated area offers stability, with room to think, and storage for everything we need to do our job or handle homework. So whether you want to take advantage of a spare room, an underdeveloped home office, or a corner in the mudroom or basement, you’ll need several components to make this work.

If the space you’re planning to work with is a bit rough around the edges, or could use some spatial reworking, consider remodeling. From a solid built-in desk, to deep shelving and ample cabinet space, having that just-right office is only a design away. Updating flooring or changing the room’s configuration can go far to helping you feel at peace and ready to work.

Essential Items

Once you’ve chosen the ideal spot, it’s time to outfit your new workspace with all the pieces you need to get things done. These essential items can help you to be the most successful:

  • Desk. Simple and streamlined, cubbies and drawers galore, or ample elbow room – everyone’s perfect workspace will be different. Pin down your needs first, so you can line them up with your ideal aesthetic.
  • Chair. A supportive, ergonomic chair is high on the priority list. You’ll be spending hours here, so treat your body right and invest in a chair that won’t hurt in the long run.
  • Task lamp. Natural light from a window is preferable for some, but after hours or early morning work will require additional light. Choose a light that’s at the right level and a bulb has the right output.
  • Writing tools. Check out the stationary aisle and stock up on pencils, pens, notepads, scissors, and keep a stapler nearby. This is a fun chance to coordinate colors and use work items as décor!
  • Calendar. Whether it hangs on a wall, lays flat on your desk, or is otherwise displayed, knowing the date will keep you oriented and focused on the tasks at hand.
  • To-do board. Whether you opt for a traditional chalkboard or an easy-to-use whiteboard, this is a great way to keep track of weekly or daily to-dos.

Now that you have the necessary items to get work done, it’s time to maximize efficiency and minimize stress with adequate storage. Wrangle your workspace with the help of:

  • Storage bins
  • Floating file folder organizers
  • Cabinets, like custom built-ins
  • Floating shelves
  • Pen holders

 8 work from home designs, by PH Design, custom home design and construction builders in Canton, Ohio

Decorate to Motivate

If your chosen work room is outdated or the paint is looking tired, sprucing it up with a fresh color is an easy way to add newness. Lighting and color choices can influence your mood and can dramatically affect your productivity levels. A little research will help you to find the color that works best for your situation. Get that paint on the walls and you’ll have a transformed space! That new splash of a thoughtfully chosen color will separate this area from the rest of your home – you’ll be able to see it as your dedicated work area. Adding motivational, inspirational, or calming artwork can be just what you need to rein in the daydreaming, or to get those creative juices flowing.

Making Home Work

PH Design and Construction is here to help. Our design experts can create the ideal floor plan to make the most of the space you have to work with, while helping you amp up home organization. From a new work surface with built-in shelving to a mudroom renovation, we can craft whatever you’re dreaming of. For many, the work-from-home life is likely here to stay, so now is the time to do what it takes to feel comfortable and motivated in your new environment. Learn how we can make the transition easier for you – give us a call today!