Home Remodeling: Where to Start

March 4, 2022

Rustic Exterior and Eclectic Kitchen home remodeling design by PH Design, home renovation company in Canton, Ohio

Spring is just around the corner (finally!) Seeing the annual renewal that’s happening in the natural world, homeowners’ thoughts often turn to their own home remodeling and gardening projects. After being cooped up indoors for a long dreary winter, it’s likely that you’ve thought up some ways to make your interior more inviting, more efficient, or more convenient for daily life. The season gets going quickly, so let’s get into some things to keep in mind as you begin planning for your next home remodeling project.

Home Remodeling Ideas

You may have spent more than a few winter evenings watching home and garden programs or scrolling though others’ home remodeling projects online. Looking around your home, you could suddenly realize that the layout doesn’t really fit your lifestyle anymore, and you’d like to change things up.

Maybe you need more space in the kitchen after taking up baking or cooking as a serious hobby. A new game, craft, or entertainment room could be a great way to bring the family together or pursue a new creative passion. Or it could be that the kids are older now and that one tiny bathroom isn’t cutting it.

A finished mudroom and climate-controlled cellar sure would cut down on mess and add much-needed storage, now that you’re a full-fledged gardener. And a master bedroom and bathroom remodel sounds like the perfect way to make time spent at home feel just that little bit more luxurious.

Here are a few more reasons that home remodeling might be on your project list this spring:

  • Increasing available, useable space (like basements and attics)
  • Upgrading outdated or aging cabinets, counters, appliances and fixtures
  • Customizing a floor plan to better fit your and your family’s lifestyle
  • Installing new windows, doors, insulation, and climate control systems for improved energy efficiency
  • Building your home’s resale value
  • Adding features to increase mobility options
  • Updating aging or compromised infrastructure (both inside and out)

Even if there aren’t any major issues at play, there’s nothing wrong with watching trends, finding a look that resonates, and then wanting to update the spaces you spend so much time in. We need to find peace, solace, and calm in our homes after all. Just be honest with yourself about the “why” behind any home remodeling plans––it will help to have a clear objective for the times when construction might feel a little inconvenient.

Home Remodeling Tips

Having a “dream remodel” in mind can be a place to start, but it helps to be realistic about actual needs versus ideal wants. Here’s where it’s key to make a comprehensive and prioritized list of "must-have" and "nice-to-have" updates. Whether you use social media platforms or various home improvement apps, make a mood board from magazine snippets, draft an inspiration sketch, or craft a written description of what you want to accomplish, the home design process will help you to refine your overall idea. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, you’ll also need to incorporate practical considerations like traffic patterns, furniture spacing, lighting, and how you plan to use a space.

Along with getting a firm hold on what changes you need to see from a remodel, you also want to have a clear idea of how much you can invest in the project. Priorities might dictate that aging windows and doors take precedence over more cosmetic upgrades, or that the project is spread over a longer period of time than you originally imagined. If you’re hoping to increase mobility options for a family member, then you’ll definitely want to work with a professional who is specially trained with that goal in mind.

Work With a Remodeling Pro

There are plenty of reasons why you might be dreaming about home remodeling this time of year, from purely aesthetic to intensely practical. But no matter the reason, it’s a good idea to have a professional on your team.

Yes, you can of course handle some projects on your own. But when standards, codes, and safety are involved, it’s best to work with a pro who knows the ropes and whose work is informed by years of experience. All too often, remodeling contractors are called on to fix a DIY project gone wrong, which just means increased expense, inconvenience, and overall project delay for the homeowner.

Avoid unnecessary frustration on your next home remodeling project––get in touch with PH Design today! Not only can we help you plan your ideal home update, we can execute those plans with the skill and efficiency you’ve come to expect from our professional team. Take the first step toward turning your dream into a reality.

You can reach us by phone at: (330) 777-0138 or send us an email at creative@phdesignyourhome.com.

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